Chicago-based band EversoJake rocks the world of today’s club scene, with a driving, blues-based sensibility that is three parts juke-joint gin,
and one part smooth jazzy vermouth.  To experience with a twist of indie rebellion…shaken, not stirred.  

EversoJake has been a favorite with Windy City music fans since 2004, and in 2007, launched an international career with a series of
European tours.  

The band is anchored by the sophisticated artistry of Dennis Kuzel on guitar and the vocal talents of lead singer Liz Walker (“her voice is
divine, like Janice Joplin’s” – Falkensee Stadt-Journal, Germany).   Walker and Kuzel are joined by Peter Hodes on guitar and Yoko Kusama
on bass.  

EversoJake’s debut album “If It Makes a Good Story” captures the risky, rootsy vibe of the band’s live performances. Their songs capitalize on
Walker’s unique vocal texture – a  Tracy Chapman-like trill that packs the soulful punch of a Sarah Vaughan – in powerfully rendered original
songs of hope, disappointment, and comin’ back up for more.  Never the type to talk down to their fans, EversoJake challenges listeners to
move beyond their comfort zone, spicing up classic rock numbers with genre-busting solos that swing from rockabilly, to cool jazz to everything
in between.

If you like your Chicago blues down and dirty, with a dollop of sophistication straight out of Lake Shore Drive, EversoJake’s got the music that
will you keep you jumping – until the bartender declares last call.

How ‘Bout That Name, Huh?  EversoJake?  When they first started making the rounds, fans suggested that the ensemble had captured the
essence of a circa-1920’s, prohibition-era juke-joint band.  Whether it was because of the band’s taste for martinis or their “party-like-it’s-
illegal” performance style, comparisons continued to be drawn.  No doubt about it – Liz, Pete, Dennis and Yoko were very “jake” (In 1920’s
Chicago, “jake” was a slang term for “cool.”).  Thus the band’s name evolved: EversoJake – in tribute to good times, great martinis, and
experiencing the euphoria that comes with bringing the house down with music that you love.

History:  The members of EversoJake – Liz, Peter, Dennis and Yoko – met while participating in a blues performance ensemble at Chicago’s
legendary Old Town School of Folk Music.  The School has kept the Chicago music scene on its toes for more than 50 years by exposing
audiences to everything from traditional Southern balladeers and fiddlers to African-American blues artists. The members of EversoJake mined
this rich musical history, launching their repertoire with blues tunes dating back to the Robert Johnson-era through today’s contemporary blues
scene. Today, they perform their own original songs.

Since 2004, EversoJake has been thrilling audiences in venues in the greater Chicago area.  In 2007, the band completed its first international
tour, and followed up on this success with another series of invited performances the following year.  In 2007, EversoJake released “If It Makes
a Good Story” – the band’s long-awaited debut album, available at CDBaby, with downloads available from I-Tunes and Amazon.  The
members of EversoJake have been through a lot in their musical partnership.  But if you ask the band members what constitutes their proudest
accomplishment, they’d tell you about a rainy Chicago night back in 2004 when they played a fundraiser for a little-known Senatorial candidate
named Barack Obama.  “No one guessed how far that man would go in a couple of years,” says Liz.  “Who knows?  Down the line they may be
saying the same thing about us!”
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